Release, January 20th

New Network: Flickr

It is now possible to integrate to Flickr. Flickr is a social media network that is primarily used for sharing pictures. Like YouTube, Butterfly Publisher classifies Flickr as a media network. These networks are destinations for the video and pictures you are looking to share with the world. 

Once you establish a connection to your Flickr account, Butterfly Publisher will allow you to upload pictures from your computer directly to Flickr. These Flickr photos can then be easily shared through tweets and status updates on Twitter, Facebook, and other networks in the statusphere.

Media Management

A new Media Management capability is now available. The Media Manager keeps track of the media that you upload using Butterfly Publisher. It keeps track of the locations of this media (e.g., whether it is on YouTube or Flickr) so that future postings can re-use it.

Media can be selected when you choose to send a message with an attachment like a link, picture, or video. Click the Select button to the right of the Location box to open the media list.

To edit or delete Media, go to Settings and select Media from the Account area.

Improved YouTube Integration

The process of connecting to YouTube has been improved. The steps are similar to the ones used when connecting to other networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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