Release, March 4th


We are excited to announce a new tagging feature that provides powerful new ways to control how information flows through Butterfly Publisher. Tags can be assigned to messages, media, networks, and accounts.

Today tags can be used in several ways. For example, tags can be used to automatically push content to particular networks. This is done by assigning a particular tag (or tags) to a network. When new content is posted and assigned to this tag, the content will be delivered using that network.

Tags can also be used to direct the flow of messages from a parent account to selected child accounts. Only content that matches the tags assigned to a child account will appear in the content library or will be posted automatically to that child's networks.

To create your tags, click the Settings tab at the upper right, then click the Manage Tags button under the Account area (on the left).

Tags will have many future uses as well! They will become a flexible way to sort, manage, and distribute your information. Do you have some ideas about how tags can make you happy? Let us know!

Work Together with Multiple Users

You may now add multiple users to your account. This allows several people in your organization to work together to listen to the conversations and publish information to your networks.

To add users, click the Settings tab at the upper right, then click the Manage Users button under the Account area (on the left).

Improved Media Management

We have improved the media navigation area to include the ability to filter media by status and tag. This allows you to navigate more easily through your media library.

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