Release, October 25

Here are some of the key features added in this release:

Upload Presentations to SlideShare now joins Fickr and YouTube as a destination for your social media content. To make this connection go to the Network Management area (by clicking the green + icon at the top of the page or through the Manage Networks item on the Settings menu).

To upload a Power Point presentation to SlideShare go to the Content tab. Then, click the presentation icon to begin the file upload process. Click the Browse button to find and upload the file from your computer. Then specify a title, description, and some keywords.

Once your presentation has been uploaded, you can create a message which points to this slide show. This is done by creating a message using the Link format. Then, click the SELECT button next to the URL box to choose the presentation from the list of media.

New Content Source: Search Bing

We have added Bing as a new content source. This feature works similar to the Google Search source. You create the source through the Manage Sources item on the Settings menu, or by clicking the Bing icon on the Sources tab.

When creating this source you can choose which search type you would like to use in addition to the keywords you are seeking. The search types include:

  • Web Search
  • Image Search
  • Video Search
  • News Search

Once a search is created it will appear in your list of saved sources. You will then be able to easily create new messages directly from any search result.


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