Release, April 2012

LinkedIn Groups

Many of you have discovered the power of LinkedIn Groups for engaging professionally with your connections. These topical discussions give you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and can generate important business opportunity. This month we are announcing the capability of Butterfly to integrate to any LinkedIn group to which you are subscribed. This gives you the ability to do several key things:

  • Post content to begin new discussions
  • Add comments to existing discussions
  • View existing discussions and use this content as a source for posts you make to other places.

LinkedIn groups are great destinations for your social content. Just like Facebook or Twitter, the information you publish and the conversations you have are all ways to generate future sales. This is true for both the LinkedIn Groups you create AND the groups that you join.

These groups are also great places to go and find new content that you can post to other social networks and include in your email digest. For instance, you may find references to articles and websites in these conversations that you will want all of your customers to know about. Butterfly makes finding and re-purposing this content a snap.  

To connect Butterfly to a LinkedIn Group, select LinkedIn when defining a new network (click the green + icon at the top). Then click the Connect to a Group button. You will need to sign in with LinkedIn to grant permission. You will then be asked to choose the group you want to connect with.

To make new postings to this group, select it from the list of networks on the message entry page.

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