Release, February 2013

The One-Click Automatic Scheduler

The automatic scheduling feature makes it easy to spread out your posts over time. When an item is automatically scheduled the system will pick the next best time for the content to be published.

For example, suppose you have five items to post. You create and publish all of them using the automatic scheduler at around 10AM on Monday morning. Using the default automatic scheduler configuration, the system would schedule the first item to be posted at 11AM, the second at 2PM, the third at 5PM and the fourth at  9AM on Tuesday. 

Enabling the Automatic Scheduling Feature

To post an item using the automatic scheduler, simply check the box labeled "Schedule Automatically" next to the Post button. The button label will change to "Schedule" and the next available time slot will be displayed.

Once an item has been posted with the automatic scheduler enabled, the system will remember your setting. All subsequent items will be automatically scheduled when you click the Schedule button.

To override the automatic schedule, just de-select the "Schedule Automatically" check box when you post an item. Once you disable this function, the Publish On... settings will re-appear.

Changing the Automatic Schedule Configuration

The default automatic schedule configuration includes four sending times each day throughout the week. This means items can be posted on any day and at the following times within your local time zone: 9AM, 11AM, 2PM, 5PM. 

If you do not like these times, you can easily change them or add new ones. To make these changes, go to the Settings tab and in the Account section you will see the Manage Automatic Schedule button. Once you have access to this page, you can select the Posting Days and the Posting Times. To add a new posting time, click the Add Posting Time button. To remove a posting time, click the X icon next to it.

NOTE: When you modify the Posting Times through this page, any previous items that were automatically scheduled will have a new schedule.

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