Release, April 2014

New and Improved Content Sources

In this release, we have added some additional functionality to the content dashboard. This includes new ways to retrieve content and new types of content to choose from. 

Include Vimeo Channels and Groups

The Vimeo source allows the high quality videos found on Vimeo to be selected and published. The content can come from any user, group, album or channel available on Vimeo.

To configure the Vimeo source, simply copy and paste the web address (URL) of the user, group, album, or channel into the input field. Alternatively, you can enter the user, group, album or channel name and the system will look for and display any matching content.

YouTube Channels and Keyword Search

To connect to a YouTube channel, select the Channel radio button and either enter the channel name or copy and paste the web address (URL) of the channel into the input field.

To search for YouTube videos by keyword, select the Search radio button and enter the keyword(s) in the input field. This will retrieve the list of videos that match.

View Twitter Lists

When defining a Twitter Feed Source there are three options. You can obtain the feed of a particular person that you follow, specify the feed for a particular Twitter user (whether or not you follow them), or display the aggregated feed that comes from a Twitter list.

Select the radio button corresponding to the option you would like to use when defining the source. When you choose a Twitter List, the system will retrieve the lists that are accessible to the account.

Edmunds Articles

Edmunds is a well-known resource for the automotive industry. They provide great data, reviews and advice relating to specific makes and models of cars on a range of interesting topics. Topics include:

  • Auto Finance
  • Awards
  • Best Cars Lists
  • Car News
  • Car Buying
  • Car Leasing
  • Car Technology
  • Driving
  • Editor Reviews
  • Extended Warranties
  • Fuel Economy
  • How-to Advice
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Road Tests
  • Selling
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Warranties

Remember and Recover Feature

When you are working to create and/or edit a content item, the system will periodically store your content in a temporary buffer. This feature enables users to work comfortably while composing and modifying content. If the browser or computer crashes or there is a connection disruption before you click the Post or Save button, the stored content will remain and can be reloaded at a later time.

The recovery process runs approximately every 10 seconds while content is being changed. If a problem occurs, re-enter the application and return to the screen where the content was originally entered. If the system had the chance to store the content, you will see a notification at the top of the item entry form indicating you have unsaved information.

To reload the entry form with the remembered content, click the Reload button. If you do not need to recover this content, click the Forget button to clear out the buffer and remove the alert.

NOTE: There are a few common circumstances that can trigger the “Unsaved Information” alert. This can easily occur if two or more people are logged into the same account under the same username. It can also occur if you start editing content and then open a new browser tab or window to continue working without having closed the prior window.

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