Common Getting Started Questions

What if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset the password on your account and receive a new temporary password.

Go to the login screen and click the “Forgot Your Password?” link. This will take you to the Reset Password page where you can enter your username. An email will then be sent to the primary email address associated with that username. This email will contain a temporary password which you can use to gain access to your account. You will then be prompted to provide a new password.

How do I connect my Social Accounts?

The first time you use the platform you will be prompted to connect your account to various social networks, blog and email services. This is where you connect your account with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

TIP: To see and edit the networks you are already connected with, or to create a new network connection, click the green plus icon at the top of the page.


The process of connecting your account to each service will be different depending upon the type of connection you are making. Generally you will be asked to perform a sequence of steps which includes logging into your account on that service and granting permissions.

Why do I need to use my personal Facebook ID to connect to our Facebook page?

When you connect to a Facebook page, you will need to connect through a personal Facebook profile that has the rights to administer that page. Connecting through a personal profile is required because Facebook does not provide any other way to manage pages. So do not be concerned about using your personal profile. Once the connection is made, content will only be posted to the specified page and not to your profile.

How do I add more sources?

To create a source, click on one of the Source icons on the top of the Content Dashboard. If you do not see Source icons, click the Settings button on the upper right and then click Manage Sources under the Networks and Sources menu on the left side of the screen.

After clicking a Source icon, you will be prompted for the information needed to define the source. For instance, to establish an RSS feed as a source, you will be asked for the source name and the RSS feed address. To define a Twitter Search, you will be asked for the source name and one or more search terms.

How do I define a template for my newsletter?

You can pick from the template options provided when you first create your newsletter.  Or if you have a unique template that you would like to use, you can provide it to us and we can apply it to your account for an additional fee. Contact your account representative for more information.

How many social networks can I post to?

You can post to many different types of social networks and blogs at the same time. Each social network is connected to your account and will appear as a destination in the Item Entry area.


There are some practical limits to the number of social networks you can post at the same time since each post takes a certain amount of processing time. Generally you should post to 10 or less destinations at one time. 

How do I create and upload a mailing list?

Butterfly Publisher keeps track of subscribers to your newsletter as Contact Records in an Email Network. An email network is like a social network since it is a destination for your content.


There are various ways to create an Email Network.

One easy method is to click the green plus icon to access the Network page. On this page, scroll down to the Email Networks section.

Then click the Email icon to create a new Email Network in your account. You will be asked to provide a name for this network.


How many different email lists can I have?

By creating several different Email Networks, you can segment contacts into various mailing lists. You can have as many different email lists as you would like.

How do I send newsletters using my existing email provider that hosts my mailing list?


Butterfly Publisher can be used to fully host your mailing list and to send your email messages. However, if your mailing list is already hosted in an email marketing platform, you can leave it there and Butterfly Publisher will send your email using that platform instead.


To use an external marketing platform, you must first connect Butterfly Publisher to that provider as an Email Network. The list of external providers supported by your account is listed in the Email section of the Network page.


NOTE: Each Email Network you define in Butterfly Publisher is connected to one mailing list on the third party provider. If you will be mailing to different external lists, you will need to make a new Email Network connection for each list.

To make a connection to an external list, click the icon corresponding to the provider you are using. Then, follow the instructions to complete the connection.

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