My email is being sent to a spam folder, how do I prevent that?

We take email deliverability very seriously and work to ensure the best results for our clients. 

Our email is delivered through SendGrid (, one of the worlds largest email infrastructure providers. They provide the services needed to achieve the highest level of deliverability.
We also test the quality and deliverability of email using Litmus ( Upon request we can run a Litmus report on your email to determine if there are any Spam Filtering issues with your content.
However, avoiding the spam box is not an exact science. The reasons for classifying email as spam can vary from one provider to another and from one user to another. Generally issues that contribute to being put in the spam folder include:
 - a from address domain that matches the to address domain. The mail server does not always like seeing an email coming from the outside that is meant to look like it is coming from the inside.
- certain types of content in the subject line and body of the email. Look for highly promotional wording and keywords that will trigger the spam filter.
- your reputation based on past and current behavior and the quality of content.
Every email provider has the same type of issues when it comes to reaching the inbox. We are here to work with you to resolve any problems that we can. If you have a specific case where the email is consistently hitting the spam folder, you can try making some changes to the content to see what version will work. Or, we can pursue the individual cases and work with the recipients IT department to make sure emails are delivered. 
Generally our ability to deliver to the inbox is very high, but it is important to investigate issues like this when they arise.
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